This symposium is organized by the efforts of the humans rights activists and  the volunteers of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT).

As its mission of a world without torture and maltreatment, the HRFT aids the recovering of people both physically and mentally who have been exposed to torture. The chief aims of the HRTF are providing the services of recovery and rehabilitation for the ones who have been exposed to torture and by the investigation of the claims of torture in an independent and fast way to increase the level of accountability concerning the legal cases of it, and to contribute to the foundation and development of mechanisms which would prevent torture within the light of the norms of the international human rights.

As the main contributor the HRFT, and among others Amnesty International, the ACAT (Aktion der Christen für die Abschaffung der Folter) and many activists of human rights have all by their precious ideas and suggestions played an important role in the shaping of the organization.

The institutions whose logos appear on our website support the symposium financially.

The Committee of the Organization

Özgül Dede
S. Murat Özten